Versatile, Agile, Efficient


The HE190E is an electric UAV with a 2.2m rotor diameter, whose the propulsion is provided by a brushless motor. It's able to autonomously perform various task. It permits to load 16 Kg payload (including batteries) for 1 hour at a cruise speed of 90 Km/h. It's an ultra-polyvalente tool whose you can easily to adapted the number of batteries in function of the weight of embedded intelligence. So you can optimize the autonomy depending on your missions.

HE190ES ready to takeoff

HE190ES in observation mission

With his simplicity, his flexibility and the low time required to change batteries, it's the perfect tool to inspection works, precise spreading or for photo/video shooting.

There is a declination of the HE190E, the HE190ES which is optimized for surveillance and medium range patrol. Below you can see the commercial documentation. For more information look at the section border surveillance.

Declined version from the HE190E, the HE190ES is an electric UAV especially developed for borders surveillance application and to respond to African emerging countries. It's able to flight in hostile environment with 3.2 Kg payload for 1 hour. The use of electric engine makes it ultra-silent and allows it to be used in situations where the furtively is required. Ideally equipped with high performance surveillance system, it can perform its sighting missions during day and night. User friendly and quickly deployed, It is now the new eyes of your operators.


Max take-off weight
25 kg (55 lbs)

Max endurance
1 heures

Typical cruise speed
90 km/h

Max speed
120 km/h

20 km

Observation system
Night & Day cameras
Moving target detection
Targets tracking
3 axis stabilization


2.60 m (8.53 ft)

0.745 m(2.44 ft)

0.767 m(2.52 ft)

Rotor diameter
2.22 m (7.29 ft)

Tail rotor diameter
0,360 m (1.18 ft).

Empty weight
6 kg (13.22 lbs)

Maximum payload
19 Kg (42lbs)

Maximum weight
25 Kg (55 lbs)

5 kW

Power consumption
40/53 A