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Image depicting the Lynx E, an entirely electric drone.


Polyvalent, Agile and Efficient


Approved for S1 and S2 scenarios

The LYNX E stands out as an electric drone, having a mass of less than 25 kg, a rotor diameter of 2.22 m and propulsion provided by a brushless electric motor. Its design allows autonomy in the execution of various missions.

Doté d'une grande polyvalence, le LYNX E peut être configuré pour transporter jusqu'à 8 kg de charge utile, à l'exclusion des batteries, tout en maintenant une capacité de support de 8 kg pendant une heure.

This adaptability extends to battery management, providing the flexibility necessary to adjust their number according to the weight of the on-board intelligence. This characteristic makes it possible to optimize the autonomy of the drone, ensuring perfect adequacy with the specific requirements of each mission. The LYNX E is thus positioned as an efficient and modular work tool, suitable for a varied range of professional applications.

Image depicting the Lynx E drone in flight.
Image depicting the Lynx E drone landed on a runway.

Its ease of use, flexibility and the speed with which the battery can be replaced make the LYNX E the ideal tool for carrying out inspection work, carrying out precision spreading or taking photo and video shots.

Helipse supports you in the development of a Special Activities Manual (MAP) for S1 and S2 scenarios, thus ensuring full compliance integration of your drone in various operational situations.

Furthermore, a notable variant of the LYNX E, the LYNX 4T, features an entirely different propulsion system. For more detailed information on the LYNX E, please see the technical data sheet below. This diversity in configurations reinforces the versatility of the LYNX range, allowing precise adaptation to the specific needs of each application.

2,55 m
0,7 m
0,7 m
Rotor diameter
2,20 m
Unloaded weight
12 kg
Not Waterproofe
Max takeoff weigh
25 kg (55 lbs)
Max autonomy
120 - 240 mn
Cruising speed
60 km/h
Maximum speed
120 km/h
Range of action
80 km
Maximum altitude
3 000 m
Elévation relative
1 000 m
Wind resistance
70 km/h
1 à 8 kg
Operating Temperature
-10 à +60°c
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