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Image depicting the Dragon drone, a combustion engine drone produced by Helipse.


Enduring, Polyvalent and Competitive


Approved for S1 and S2 scenarios

The Dragon, representing our wide-body model classified in category F, is distinguished by its imposing rotor measuring 3 meters in diameter and an optimal take-off weight of 50 kg. It demonstrates remarkable capacity by carrying a payload of 15 kg for 2 hours, ensuring extensive coverage over a radius of up to 50 km.

This drone is specifically designed for long-term missions, such as site surveillance, topography, or spraying. Our commitment to flexibility is demonstrated by the ability to integrate a wide range of payloads, designed on demand, to optimally meet your specific requirements. The Dragon thus embodies a powerful and adaptable solution for a variety of professional missions requiring robustness and extended autonomy.

Image depicting the Dragon drone in flight.
Image depicting the Dragon drone landed on a runway.

Thanks to the imposing surface of its main rotor and its mass, the Dragon stands out for its significant resistance to external elements, allowing it to maintain its flight even in strong winds, where other aircraft of smaller dimensions would be forced to stay on the ground.

With a decade of proven experience in reliability and robustness, combined with custom payloads, this version of the drone embodies excellence within our range. Its ability to cope with difficult environmental conditions while guaranteeing reliable and tailor-made performance makes it an indisputable benchmark for meeting the varied requirements of our customers.

3,74 m
0,74 m
0,96 m
Rotor diameter
3 m
Unloaded weight
29.5 kg
Not Waterproofe
Max takeoff weigh
50 kg (110 lbs)
Max autonomy
180 mn
Cruising speed
75 km/h
Maximum speed
100 km/h
Range of action
80 km
Maximum altitude
3 000 m
Maximum relative elevation
1 000 m
Wind resistance
70 km/h
15 kg
Operating Temperature
-10 à +40°c
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